Knowledge Base offers a structured set of information for managing flood events and their effects. Its content covers a range of information, from legislation, past flood event, flood control measures and good practices in their application, to related public authorities and software that can be applied to studies and projects.

ERMIS-F has developed a Knowledge Database (Knowledge Base) that is open and accessible to anyone interested in or directly/indirectly affected by floods, such as citizens, local government, engineers, civil protection, fire brigade, etc. It allows and supports user access from one single platform to a plethora of important flood information such as:Measures and interventions that can reduce the risk of flooding (from technical and operational projects to mild “green” interventions), supported by successful flood management examples from around the world. Additional information that accompanies them may include photographic material, technical specifications, cost and performance data, lessons learned, etc. These measures and interventions are of immediate use for the various phases of implementation of the Flood Directive, the characteristics of which are in agreement with it.Examples (case studies) from around the world of successful flood risk management with measures and interventions such as those described in Knowledge Base.A list of past flood events that have occurred and have been recorded in the pilot areas of the project, with their characteristic data.Legislation at local, national and European level that refers to floods and which should be followed by local and national bodies, e.g. European Flood Directive (2007/60 / EC) and their incorporation into the National Law of Greece and Cyprus.Software tools and models, based on free or commercial software, that support flood risk management studies in the context of the technical world, e.g. public authority engineers.Public authorities that are responsible for flood management, or organisations that are involved in environmental/social issues.


ERMIS-F’s Knowledge Base provides the user with multiple options for searching and locating the requested information, including:

(a) keyword-based text search (full text search)

(b) advanced search based on a combination of user-selected criteria (city, event area, date, severity level, etc.)

(c) multi-search results tables (pivot tables), and

(d) map-based search for geographic information (e.g. study areas).


The interconnection of the above information as well as multiple possibilities of simple and advanced information searches make Knowledge Base a useful tool for all interested users such as e.g. the employees of municipalities and competent authorities, planning engineers, contractors, members of NGOs, local citizens’ organisations and the general public.


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