Flood hazard maps

Flood hazard maps show areas of Potentially Severe Flood Risk and depict flood zones. They concern us all and you can see if your home, your field or some point of interest is in an area with a higher risk of flooding.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base offers a structured set of information for managing flood events and their effects. Its content covers a range of information, from legislation, past flood event, flood control measures and good practices in their application, to related public authorities and software that can be applied to studies and projects.



The Crowdsourcing application provides all citizens (users of ERMIS-F) the opportunity to share a flood event and its effects through photos (with geo-reporting), in real time! The relevant authorities can have real-time data through citizen-user reports.



ERMIS-F’s Geoportal is a collection of geospatial data related to flood risk. It allows you to search for geospatial data and view it in a WebGIS environment, download local copies of available data, browse ready-made flood risk maps, and create your own cartographic representations with a combination of themed layers, such as risk maps, risk zones, residential developments, etc.


Early Warning System

Online information service for floods…

…and other environmental hazards

It has been designed from its inception to incorporate future sections on fires, earthquakes, landslides, etc.

ERMIS–F Public Information Service for Flood Risk

ERMIS–F provides a Public Information Service to support public authorities that take decisions about town planning, and in particular to take into account the risk of flooding, so that any land use and flood prevention projects are based on documented evidence and decisions can be made rationally, given different, scientifically substantiated flood scenarios for specific areas.

ERMIS-F uses geographical and other information that already exists across different sources, as well as freely available scientific models for assessment of risks and impacts, and for statistical forecasting, to create public knowledge that will lead to precautionary behaviours.

It focuses on floods due to their significant social, economic and environmental impact in the areas of interest, but also to the timing of the implementation of the European Flood Directive in Greece and Cyprus.

Through ERMIS-F the user will be able to know

• the degree of risk under various scenarios (climatic and urban),
• precautionary measures,
• management actions,
• the consequences
• and where possible, early warning.

The system will be open to additions such as its use for economic and environmental impact studies.

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