ERMIS-F is centred around four main strategic actions: awareness, information, education and participation. Its ambition is to become a unique source of information on different kinds of natural hazards (starting with floods), and to help manage them through preparation and forecasting.

The success of the ERMIS-F project depends on it being able to enact these four actions within the community and from its inception in January 2018, the ERMIS-F teams have met with various stakeholders to determine their needs and develop applications that could fulfil them. In turn, these stakeholders were informed on the benefits that ERMIS-F could provide to them and its role as an online platform for the inclusion of natural disaster parameters in the decision-making process.

ERMIS-F carried out its four main strategic actions by:

  • Raising awareness of the impact of floods in the pilot areas that were considered by the project, and of the policies that are implemented within the European Union through actions and programs;
  • Providing information on the tools available for attributes='[{"attribute":"data-cmtooltip", "format":"html"}]'>flood risk management and on the good practices and policies from around the world;
  • Challenging social acceptance of actions that exacerbate the effects of flooding;
  • Creating a better understanding of the risks involved when decisions are taken without considering the information provided by flood prevention systems, and by assessing the tools available to potential ERMIS-F stakeholders;
  • Providing training sessions to stakeholders in the use of ERMIS-F’s applications;
  • Disseminating information on ERMIS-F using focused actions such as the setting up of Information Points, and by actively mobilizing the local community;
  • Collecting and updating from public authorities in the regions that were considered by the project.


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