ERMIS-F’s Geoportal is a collection of geospatial data related to flood risk. It allows you to search for geospatial data and view it in a WebGIS environment, download local copies of available data, browse ready-made flood risk maps, and create your own cartographic representations with a combination of themed layers, such as risk maps, risk zones, residential developments, etc.

The Geoportal application provides geographic data related to flood risk management and ready-made digital maps via the internet to all those involved in flood control studies and projects. Maps and geographic data can help professionals prepare better hydrological and hydraulic studies and design flood defenses with less uncertainty. They can also be used by local authorities and agencies or ordinary citizens to be informed about the risks of flooding in their area and to take them into account in the decision-making process.

As far as local authorities are concerned, these decisions may concern the extension of development zones, changes in land use or local development projects. As for the citizens, the decisions may concern the use of plots of land or other real estate, insurance against flooding, reduction of the exposure to flooding, or for example not having valuable objects in their basements if they are in a high risk area and take protective measures at home (raising fencing, waterproof doors, etc.).

In detail, the Geoportal offers the following functions:

  • Simple and advanced search for thematic layers and maps;
  • Visualisation, cartographic navigation and online processing of thematic layers and maps;
  • Ability to download and print thematic layers and maps.
  • Ability to upload thematic layers related to flood risk (e.g. past flood events, land cover, hydrographic network, meteorological/climatic data, etc.) and describe them through international metadata standards.
  • Creation of adapted cartographic compositions (maps) with a combination (overlay) of thematic layers, such as risk maps, danger zones, residential developments, etc.

From the Geoportal you can have access to various geospatial data such as hydrographic networks, drainage basins and various data that may be needed for land development permits, rainwater network construction studies or other studies. Find out if there have been previous floods in your study area so that you can take into account the specific characteristics of each area. You can also easily create your own maps by combining different layers of information.


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